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A watch has always been the finishing touch to any outfit. Be it a classic analogue watch or a trendy digital watch, or even one of those complicated ones with multiple clocks and features, each watch has its own identity. However, the arrival of smartphones and users depending more on their devices led to an era of various everyday products getting smarter. Traditional watches also took part in this technological revolution, leading to the development and popularity of smartwatches. 

Read More In between using it and writing about it, we spent a little time exploring what Samsung’s S Pen can do with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The verdict? You’re not gonna use everything it’s capable of — but you’ll be glad it’s capable of it. Also, forgive the vertical on this one — it was done on purpose. We used a Samsung phone to film a Samsung phone and used a different Samsung phone (in vertical mode) to record a bunch of on-screen happenings.

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