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Protect Main Street Lending

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is committed to protecting businesses’ access to the capital they need to grow and serve their communities.

Stand with us to ensure your local businesses can access the resources they need to thrive.

Companies, regardless of their size or location, depend on the financial support offered by banks to expand, innovate, and hire. However, these businesses face new challenges as Washington bureaucrats introduce more regulations that could restrict a bank's ability to provide loans to your hometown businesses.

Tell Congress: Don’t Raise Costs On Me! Stop New Fed Rules

More than one-third of businesses reported that they have raised costs due to financial regulation—a finding that indicates that certain financial regulations, like bank capital requirements, may be driving inflation throughout the economy.

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The Federal Reserve Board’s higher capital standards will impact businesses across America. These rules will make loans and services offered by banks less accessible and more expensive for businesses and consumers.

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Explore the issues

A recent U.S. Chamber survey provides insights into how American businesses view and navigate today's financial and public policy challenges—including new bank capital requirements.

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